Homer Simpson
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Nuclear Safety Inspector Technical
Relatives The Simpsons Family

Bart Simpson (Bob SquarePants)

Marge Simpson (Bob SquarePants)

Maggie Simpson (Bob SquarePants)

Lisa Simpson (Bob SquarePants)

Allies The Simpsons Family, SpongeBob SquarePants
First Appearance The Simpsons Bob (Bob SquarePants)
Homer Simpson is a recurring character in Bob SquarePants (also the main charcter in The Simpsons). In "The Simpsons Bob " when their car breaks down on a road trip he befriends SpongeBob and he allows him and his family to stay at his apartment until further notice.

Bob SquarePantsEdit

He and his family crash land in Lego City where they meet SpongeBob and stay at his apartment until they get their car fixed.

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