Harold Slikk
Man destroys computer00:27

Man destroys computer

General Information
Occupation(s) Job Using Computer
Fanon user Jcpag2010

Harold Slikk (born April 11, 1964) is Leopold's extremely abusive father. He is a hardworking father (in some series, he isn't) and a major antagonist.

At his work place, often Harold beats the monitor and uses his keyboard to smash the computer monitor off the table. Sometimes he uses the sledgehammer to smash his computer onto the floor. Sometimes he throws his laptop against the wall, because his laptop encountered the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), and even in a couple of episodes, Harold threw his PC monitor into a scanning machine and kicked it violently as it continously crashed.

He gets a lot of trouble at work, because he got into the big fight, attacking other workers,shouting out adult content and profanity, and smashing computers all the times.

He beats up Leopold for getting into very big trouble, e.g. when he gets suspended or expelled from school; when he gets an "F" grade on his report card; and when he fails at doing essays, maths, gymnastics and social studies. Usually, Leopold gets sent to the principal's office because he has either been playing video games or watching videos from YouTube instead of doing his work. Leopold also beats up his brother Leonard when he fails a test at home.

He likes to play games and watch videos from YouTube all of the time instead of doing his work, just like Leopold. Once, he beat up everyone at his workplace who had been constantly trolling Harold at the time. His boss fired him countless times at work either because of what Leopold had been doing in making a complete mockery of Harold or that his work computer had malfuntioned. Harold usually has to contend with his abusive son Leopold, thus resulting in Harold having a short temper and lack of patience for Leopold.

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