Harold Edit

Harold Gerald Spring Term Miss Leslie XVIII is the Sailor of Cap'n Blackbeard's crew. He works also for the Fry Cook Games (parody of Olympics Game).

He has many jobs. The wind blew him from the world's best roller Coaster with his girlfriend Nancy Suzy Fish.

He is the current Captain.

He was the 12th Elected Vice President

Preceding:Cap'n Blackbeard Succeeding:?
Preceding:Old man Jenkins Succeeded:Nat Peterson

Friends: Nat Peterson and Tom

Enemies: Sheldon J. Plankton , Plankton



Nancy Suzy Fish (ex-wife)(now girlfriend)

Grandma Tufsy(Aunt)

Martha Smith (Sister or Wife)

Birth:1970(age 39)

Date of Election of V.P: December 6 1998

Date of Being Captain: 2009

Date of resign: April 18 2006

Age: 40

Birth: 1969 July 27th


Roller Coaster Fist o' Pain death: 2007 July 27th

Harold appeared in Dying for Pie as one of the Sailors. He was offended by Spongebob Squarepants or Squidward Tentacles.

It's either one.

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