The current Hall of Fame was started during the 4th The Golden Community Awards by iDylan in 2013. It mostly continues the old Hall of Fame, but it restarts the list and adds two new categories known as "Honorary Staff" and "Honorary Members", which recognizes SBC staff and members, therefore it is not entirely on Spin-Offs/Lits. It can be found in jjs' signature. "Honorary Members" was introduced at the GCA's IX.

Hall of Fame RecipientsEdit

Honorary CreatorsEdit

1. Sabre

2. Wumbology

3. jjsthekid

4. Old Man Jenkins

5. Clappy

6. Steel Sponge

Honorary ShowsEdit

1. Adventures in the Underground City

2. Storm Racers

3. Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000

4. JCMovies

5. Team SpongeBob

6. SBCinema

Honorary Staff MembersEdit

1. iDylan

2. jjsthekid

3. Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick

4. ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1

5. Wumbology

6. Aquatic Nuggets

Honorary MembersEdit

1. Cha

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