Grandma Nega-SquarePants
Grandma Nega-SquarePants
General Information
Occupation(s) Spy (formerly)
Residence Grandma Nega-SquarePants' House (Nicktoons: De-Age before Beauty)
Friends Grandma Nega-Tentacles
Nega-Patrick Nega-Star
Family Nega-Margaret Nega-SquarePants (daughter-in-law)
Nega-Harold Nega-SquarePants (son)
Grandpa Nega-SquarePants (late husband)
Nega-SpongeBob Nega-SquarePants (grandson)
Great Grandpa Nega-SquarePants (father-in-law)
Nega-Todd Nega-SquarePants (grandson)
Nega-BlackJack Nega-SquarePants (grandson)
Nega-Larry Nega-SquarePants (grandson)
Nega-Blue Nega-SquarePants (son)
Nega-Sherm Nega-SquarePants (son)
Nega-Stanley N-S. Nega-SquarePants (grandson)
Nega-SpongeTron (Descendant)
Unnamed Great Great Grandson
Love Interest Grandpa Nega-SquarePants (late husband)
First appearance Nicktoons: The Heroes Meet Their Match (indirectly mentioned)
Nicktoons: De-Age before Beauty
Fanon user 120d

Grandma Nega-SquarePants is Nega-SpongeBob's grandmother and the opposite of Grandma SquarePants.


Grandma Nega-SquarePants is a science blue nega-sponge with sky blue holes. She has dark ebony hair and rope colored (not the object) eyes and wears a hibiscus colored dress with a deep fir colored line and perfume colored shoes.


She is nice to her family and friends. To everyone else, she is distrusting or mean.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

  • Inability to Make Cookies - her inability to make cookies is a talent. What she makes can be used as a weapon.


She married Mr. Nega-SquarePants, later to be named "Grandpa Nega-SquarePants". With him, she had six children, Nega-Harold, father of Nega-SpongeBob, Nega-Blue, Nega-Sherm, father of Nega-Stanley, and three unnamed sons, fathers of Nega-Larry, Nega-Tood, and Nega-BlackJack.

Grandpa Nega-SquarePants died before 2000.[citation needed]

She now lives alone in her home. Once in while, she is visited by her family members, usually Nega-SpongeBob.

Antagonistic RoleEdit


She is an unofficial member of the Original Nega-Heroes. Her husband was the official member. Other members include: