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Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures is a comedy by ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1. The show reached over 1,000 views on October 11th, 2012, after completing 2 seasons. During the middle of the 4th season, the show hit 2,000 views.

Plot -Edit

A comedy spin-off with Gary and his friends through his many adventures!

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1-Edit

Episode 1 - Just Showing You Around (Airdate: March 28th, 2012)

Episode 2 - Terror on Plankton Street (Airdate: April 4th, 2012)

Episode 3 - Game Day (Airdate: April 11th, 2012)

Episode 4 - Let's Make A Comedy Show! (Airdate: April 18th, 2012)

Episode 5 - Hot Potato (Airdate: April 27th, 2012)

Episode 6 - Coffee Break (Airdate: May 2nd, 2012)

Episode 7 - Waiting For The Milkman (Airdate: May 9th, 2012)

Episode 8 - A Romantic Evening (Airdate: May 16th, 2012)

Episode 9 - Restruant (Airdate: May 23rd, 2012)

Episode 10 - RestrWAIT! (Airdate: June 1st, 2012)

Episode 11 - Karate Class (Airdate: June 6th, 2012)

Episode 12 - The Making of Karate Class: Bloopers, Jokes, and More (Airdate: June 13th, 2012)

Episode 13 - The Finale of All Finales! (Airdate: June 20th, 2012)

Season 2-Edit

Episode 14- We're Back And Better Than Ever, Baby! (Airdate: July 18th 2012)

Episode 15- It's Time To Go Gold! (Airdate: July 25th 2012)

Episode 16- Movie Theater Paradise (Airdate: August 1st 2012)

Episode 17- I Spy With My Little Eye (Airdate: August 15th 2012)

Episode 18- The Most Random Episode Ever (Airdate: August 22nd 2012)

Episode 19- Gary's Talk Show (Airdate: August 30th 2012)(Was supposed to be aired on August 29th, but the word file the episode was written on was on another computer, and couldn't be posted that day.)

Episode 20- Snellie At The Awards (Airdate: September 5th 2012)

Episode 21- Independence Day 2: The Snail's Fight Back (Airdate: September 12th 2012)

Episode 22- Gary Vision 3-D (Airdate: September 19th 2012)

Episode 23- The Secret Origins of Goober Snail (Airdate: September 26th 2012)

Episode 24- House of Gary (Airdate: October 3rd 2012)

Episode 25- Some Crossover We Don't Care About Part 1 (Airdate: January 1st, 2013)

Episode 26- It's A Glorious 3 Hour Finale! But We Only Have A Minute and a 1/2 To Do It. (Airdate: October 10th 2012)

Season 3-Edit

Episode 27 - A Spooky Adventure (Airdate: October 31st, 2012)

Episode 28 - Gary's Thanksgiving Feast (Airdate: November 22nd, 2012)

Episode 29 - A Gary The Snail's Undersea Christmas (Airdate: December 25th, 2012)

Episode 30 - Looney Snails (Airdate: February 6th, 2013)

Episode 31 - Happy Birthday To You! (Airdate: February 13th, 2013)

Episode 32 - Ma and Pa Are Back! (Airdate: February 27th, 2013)

Episode 33 - Studio Tour (Airdate: March 6th, 2013)

Episode 34 - Grandpa Snail: The Adventurer (Airdate: March 28th, 2013)(Originally scheduled for March 13th, 2013 but was pulled at the last minute. Episode 35 was instead aired, but the following day.)

Episode 35 - Movie Theater Action Night Bonanza! (Airdate: March 14th, 2013)

Episode 36 - The Play (Airdate: March 20th, 2013)

Episode 37 - Banana (Airdate: March 27th, 2013)

Episode 38 - I Hate Those God Damn Cell Phones (Airdate: April 17th, 2013)

Episode 39 - Will Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures Be Getting A 4th Season? Stay Tooned... (Airdate: April 24th, 2013)

Special - 1 Year of Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures (Airdate: March 28th, 2013)

Season 4 - Edit

Episode 40 - Plankton Catastrophe! (Airdate: May 31st, 2013)

Episode 41 - Planet Gary (Airdate: June 5th, 2013)

Episode 42 - Rise of the Snail Warriors (Airdate: June 12th, 2013)

Episode 43 - Gary's Short Film Festival (Airdate: June 21st, 2013)

Episode 44 - A Trip To Krabby Land! (Airdate: July 11th, 2013)

Episode 45 - Jungle Jingles (Airdate: July 17th, 2013)

Episode 46 - Gary's Blast Zone (Airdate: August 29th, 2013)

Episode 47 - Gary T.V. (Airdate: November 29th, 2013)

Episode 48 - TBA (Airdate: TBA)

Episode 49 - The Shortest Episode Known To Man Kind (Airdate: October 20th, 2013)

Episode 50 - TBA: To Be Announced (Airdate: July 24th, 2013)

Episode 51 - Back to the 1st Part 1 (Airdate: August 15th, 2014)

Episode 52 - TBA (Airdate: TBA)

Movies Edit

1. Gary The Snail's Undersea Movie: An Exotic Adventure (Airdate: June 7th, 2013)


Episode 1 - Easter Egg Hunt (Airdate: April 8th 2012)

Episode 2 - Filming Gone Wrong (Airdate: May 20th 2012)

Episode 3 - The Mystery of CNF1's Birthday Disappearance and Stuff (Airdate: May 20th 2012)

Episode 4 - The DVD in The Making (Airdate: July 20th 2012(DVD) November 22nd 2012(TV))

Episode 5 - The Movie Trailer (Airdate: May 31st, 2013)

Episode 6 - Noel (Airdate: December 25th, 2012)

Episode 7 - Valentine's Day Massacre (Airdate: February 14th, 2013)

Episode 8 - Ghouling Ghosts On Halloween (Airdate: April 1st, 2013)


  1. Karate Class was originally going to be Episode 9 but due to CNF1 not remembering that he scheduled that episode there, he accidentally wrote Episode 9 with a different idea (Not involving Gary and Friends in Karate Class.) The Karate Class idea has been moved to Episode 11, which aired as scheduled on June 6th, 2012, 2 weeks after it was supposed to air when it was scheduled to be Episode 9.
  2. So far, there have been NO delays in getting episodes out on time(NO, this does NOT include the delay with Episode 5, that was because of an SBC Error), unlike it's sister series, SpongeBob and His Friends, which has many delays in getting episodes out on time.
  3. Episode 5 was originally scheduled for April 25th 2012 but all of SBC's threads were broke that day.
  4. Shorts 2-3 were aired as part of the Short-O-Rama marathon, hosted by BOT, on May 20th 2012, as part of CNF1's Birthday Celebration Month.
  5. While the Movie was originally scheduled for the end of Season 1, it premiered instead at the end of Season 3.
  6. Short #8 was originally going to be Short #5, while Short #5 was originally going to be Short #4
  7. Episodes 46-49 and 51-52 were originally scheduled for the following dates: August 14th, August 21st, August 28th, September 4th, and September 11th, 2013(51-52 were scheduled for the same date). Episode 46 eventually aired as a 4,000 views celebration on August 29th, Episode 47 debuted on November 29th, 2013, Episode 49 debuted on October 20th, 2013, and Episode 51 debuted as part of a SBC 5th Anniversary celebration on August 15th, 2014. Episode 48 and 52 have yet to debut as of 8/15/14.

Awards Won/NominatedEdit

Best New Spin-Off - Nominated - GCA 2

Best Female Main Character - Snellie - Won - GCA 2

SBC News - Featured Spin-Off / Lit - Episode 14

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