Game of Species
Release Date June 1, 2014
Previous Sandy Chops
Next The Renovation

Game of Species is the third episode from season 1  of SpongeToons.


SpongeBob and Patrick find land creatures while jellyfishing. They take a closer look and see that they are a cat and a dog. They start a jellyfishing contest. As they start, the dog and cat are just lying down. After 2 hours, SpongeBob and Patrick give up and see that there is a jellyfish right beside the dog. They both (SB and Pat) admit that they had lost, and the cat and dog were awarded winners (not that they are aware of it). But Spongebob asks "How are a cat and dog underwater?" and Patrick suggests that they are Magicians but SpongeBob just sighs.


  • This is the first episode where land creatures besides Sandy Cheeks appear.
  • This is the first episode where they go jellyfishing.
  • It originally was going to air on June 3, 2014 but it was released on an earlier date.

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