Evil Spongebob
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Doing evil.
Relatives Evil Patrick(best friend)
Allies Evil Patrick, Akuma(creator)
First Appearance My Evil Self

Evil SpongeBob is the opposite of SpongeBob. He is very evil.

Description Edit

Evil SpongeBob kills people, does looting and fights with strong opponents. He says the weak opponents as 'Trash'. He has big red eyes, has sharp teeth often covered in blood. He wears black shirt, blue tie, black socks, white belt and white shoes. He also wears brown pants.

Plot Edit

Akuma and Ryu, from street fighter were fighting. Akuma says to Ryu to submit to the "Satsui no Hadou"(surge of murderous intent). Ryu refuses and the fight continues. However, Akuma defeats Ryu and was about to shoot the Satsui no Hadou towards Ryu. The dark spirit fired by Akuma was dodged by Ryu. However, it hits spongeBob and makes him evil. Akuma likes SpongeBob and guided him. SpongeBob afterwards looted huge amount of money from Mr. Krabs, inserts Satsui no Hadou inside Patrick, making him evil. Later, the real SpongeBob gets conscious and started to fight against his evil self. SpongeBob pushes Evil SpongeBob out of his mind and body. Evil SpongeBob gets separated from SpongeBob's body. And continues to fight against SpongeBob. He was killed by Ryu's "Shinku Hadouken"(Vacuum Surge Fist) and SpongeBob's Jelly Fish army.

Powers and Abilities. Edit

Evil SpongeBob is 2 times stronger than SpongeBob. He nearly killed SpongeBob. But is weak against Ryu.

  • Gou Hadouken: A spirit ball. Stronger version of Hadouken. But not as strong as Ryu's hadouken.
  • Electricity: Evil SpongeBob can rub his hands to generate Electricity to harm others.
  • Tatsumaki: Flying kick that he failed to master.
  • POWER FIST: A strong attack that could kill anyone, even god if it is hit. It can be used once.

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