Everyday SpongeBob is an animated show.



First season (January to February 2017)Edit

# Title Description Airdate
1a/1b/1c SpongeBob's Fake Disease SpongeBob tells everybody about his fake disease then everytime SpongeBob says his fake disease, Bikini Bottom Population decreased 4 populations. December 31, 2016
2a/2b/2c Squid Juice/Aloha/Random Rooms Squidward is now a juice/Spongebob learns how to speak Hawfish-ii!/Sandy expands her treedome January 6, 2017
3a-52c SpongeBob to US SpongeBob visit all 50 states. 7 January-February 25, 2017

Second season (March to April 2017)Edit

# Title Description Airdate
1a 201-A TBA March 2017

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