These are episodes of the fan series.


Season 1Edit

001:Hello,I'm Rick/ Revenge

Hello, I'm Rick:Patrick changes his name to Rick.

Revenge: SpongeBob is hurt by Squidward "On accident" but SpongeBob wants revenge!

002: Blinding Nemo/Hello,I'm Bob

Blinding Nemo: Sponge bob goes Blind! Can Patrick help him while he recovers

Hello,I'm Bob:In this sequel of Hello,I'm Rick,SpongeBob changes his name to Bob.

003:Tornado Typhoon/Squidward's Statue

Tornado Typhoon:A tornado comes to Bikini Bottom

Squidward's Statue:Squidward builds a statue do to his "good" music.

004:Sick Squi/Patricks Crush

Sick Squi:Squidward becomes sick and SpongeBob and patrick be the doctor

Patricks Crush:Patrick Has a Crush with a rock