Epic Rap Battles of Fishtory
Genre Battle Rapping
Created by WithAY2002
Written by WithAY2002
Composer(s) WithAY2002
Country of Origin USA
Original Language English
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 15
Epic Rap Battles of Fishtory is an episodic series created by WithAY2002 in December 2015. The series features characters from the hit Nickelodeon TV Show SpongeBob SquarePants, both real and fictional, rapping against each other in a rap battle format.

Episodes Edit

The following are the episodes of Season 1(2016).

  1. Ned Needlefish vs CheeseHead BrownPants​
  2. Man Ray vs Sheldon Plankton
  3. ??? vs Sandy Cheeks
  4. Miss Gristle-Puss vs ???
  5. Krusty Krushers vs The World Champions
  6. Boys Who Cry vs Squidward Tentacles
  7. Lord Reginald vs Karen
  8. ??? vs ???
  9. ??? vs ???
  10. ??? vs ???
  11. Mr. Magic vs Planktonamor
  12. ??? vs ???
  13. Eugene Krabs vs ???
  14. Leif Erikson vs ???
  15. ??? vs ???: The Final Battle

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