Down Under 2012 (also known as Lotus/Down Under) is a series created by iDylan. It is a reboot of the original 2010 hit series Down Under that went on to become the #2 popular spin-off of it's time in the history of SBC and The reboot was officially announced on November 23rd after rumors about a possible reboot circling since July 2012. Hype surrounded the release of the series, with Dylan promising it would absolutely shock everyone and revolutionize the spin-off/lit industry. The first episode was announced as "Lotus" (stylized LOTUS) on November 24, 2012. Since that initial announcement, the reboot of Down Under has become commonly referred to as simply "LOTUS" to distinguish it from the original Down Under.


The first signs of LOTUS arose in July 2012, when iDylan mentioned the possibility of a Down Under reboot. Several months passed before it was officially announced on November 23rd, alongside a SpongeCraft reboot. iDylan said that there would be fundamental differences in the new Down Under from the original Down Under. It was announced that the first episode/season would be titled "LOTUS" and iDylan said it would be the "best spin-off/lit for years to come" and that it would revolutionize spin-offs as the community knew them.

Season 1 - LOTUS Edit

(S1E1) Episode 1: Lotus (1/12/13)

(S1E2) Episode 2: Berlin

(S1E3) Episode 3: Am I Already Gone?

(S1E4) Episode 4: Telephone

(S1E5) Episode 5: 1:23

(S1E6) Episode 6: The Firefly Fame

(S1E7) Episode 7: Domino Lock

(S1E8) Episode 8: Wake Up

(S1E9) Episode 9: Parachute

(S1E10) Episode 10: If I've Got You

(S1E11) Episode 11: The Event

(S1E12) Episode 12: Kill The Bitch

(S1E13) Episode 13: Mary Jane

(S1E14) Episode 14: 3 Words

(S1E15) Episode 15: Nelumbo


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