Daniel Fenton/Phantom
General Information
Residence Amity Park, USA
Friends Emperor Timmy Turner
Jimmy Neutron
SpongeBob SquarePants
Family Jack Fenton (father)
Maddie Fenton (mother)
Jazz Fenton (Sister)
First appearance Nicktoons: An Evil Adventure
Fanon user User:120d

Daniel Fenton, also known as Danny Phantom is an alternate-universe version of Danny Phantom that appears in Nicktoons: An Evil Adventure.


He looks a lot like Danny under Freakshow's Control from the Danny Phantom episode, "Control Freaks".


He is very mean. He enjoys robbing banks and causing destruction. His behavior is similar to Vlad Plasmius from the main universe.

Abilities and talentsEdit

He has all the same ghost powers as the main universe Danny Phantom.


Danny Fenton was born the second of two children of Jack and Maddie Fenton in Amity Park, USA.

He was a bad child since he was born. While the main universe Danny became friends with Tucker and Sam, the Alternate-Universe (AU) Danny did not.

When the AU Danny was 14 years old, he, much like the main universe Danny, got his ghost powers. Unlike the main universe Danny, the AU Danny used his powers for bad, not good.

Soon, he met Vlad Masters at Jack and Maddie's college reunion. Danny also found out that Vlad Masters was Vlad Plasmius. The two became rivals.

Later, Vlad Masters became the mayor of Amity Park. While Danny caused destruction, Vlad Plasmius would come in and save the day as he is good.


Danny has a few friends in the multiverse.

Three of them are:


Coming Soon!

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