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Coralface Dufopus is a "Bikini Bottomite" from the Spongebob episode Sailor Mouth. He has a fan-made background that extends beyond the origonal episode recouces created by character author, graphic designer and wikia contributer Silverpiglet22.

The character was presented by BlastWrecker29 on his fanon called "So You Think You Can Dance Better Than Squidward?"

SYTYCDBTS Contribution Edit

Coralface Dufopus - The Ugly Octopus - Description from BlastWrecker29's fanon contribution by Silverpiglet22

Coralface Dufopus Fully Regenerated Image and Facial Reformation

Coralface Dufopus - The Reformation Image from "Sailor Mouth"

Name - Coralface Dufopus

Occupation - Works at the Chum Bucket

City - Rock Bottom

Likes - Particularly dangerous practices, anything involving fire and destruction

Hates - Kelp snacks, artificial intelligence (talking conch shell, Karen

Dance Type - hardcore dancing

Silverpiglet22 - Character Audition

Coralface Dufopus - The Ugly Octopus - Coralface was featured in the Spongebob episode "Sailor Mouth".  Coralface has patrick's personality, but is almost as smart as Sandy.  He is from Rock Bottom, and he still has the 'slobberish' accent.  His occupation was most recently at the Chum Bucket; briefly.  He once quit, but  He has rejoined since then. Ironically, Coralface is still friends with Plankton - Whom he tried to revert from his own everyday thieving evil side. His best friend is Squidward, who granted him his cultural education. Coralface has a 

open sense of humor, and is greatly intelligent.  As far as his appearances go, he's an octopus with color-changing powers like a chameleon.  His default Color is purple.

Coralface auditioned in the show So You Think You Can Dance Better Then Squidward, where all 5 judges agreed Coralface was great and the votes were unanimous.

Coralface - Dance Talent - Hardcore

He breakdances into a spin on his head. While he's upside-down, he makes crazy shapes with his 8 arms.  He then flips back right side up, and spins his arms so quickly, that he launches into the air.  His arms light on fire, and as he spins, he creates a flame barrier.  He then drops to the ground and the flame circle falls around him.  When it reaches the ground, he jumps and does a flip before making a sharp descending.

Coralface - Appearence

Coralface has 5 kids, and there are 2 pictures that currently exist featuring him.  Encyclopedia Spongebobia has a frame from the episode Sailor Mouth that featured him covering his kid's heads.  Silverpiglet22 also has created two full pictures featuring Coralface.

Coralface - Family Edit


Jimward Dufopus

Wears a red hat

(Gets a soda on his head in "Sailor Mouth")

Drakeward Dufopus

Wears a blue hat

Is slightly darker than Jimward

Sageward Dufopus

Wears a light turquoise bow

Is the youngest sibling

Ruthopus Dufopus

Wears a reddish-pink bow

Later follows her father's career

Kayward Dufopus

Wears a purple bow

Becomes a fan of Spongebob

Kelpward Dufopus

Is married to Coralface

Coralface - Appearances

Coralface Dufopus

Coralface and his five kids at the Krusty Krab

Coralface has only been featured in the Spongebob series once.  In the episode Sailor Mouth, Spongebob uses his "sentence enhancers" in his menu overview over the microphone.  Coralface then covers four of his children's ears, and puts a soda on the fifth.

 In the episode Sailor Mouth, Spongebob uses his "sentence enhancers" in his menu overview over the microphone.  Coralface then covers four of his children's ears, and puts a soda on the fifth.

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