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Coral Drive is another spin-off created by Wumbology. It wasn't a very big hit when it premiered in May of 2010, but as of December of 2010, it is one of the most widely read and popular spin offs on SBC. It has an enormous fan base and well over 2,000 views on SBC. It is Wumbology's second spin off.

On May 15th, 2013, Wumbology announced he was canceling the show, because he thought "it was a mess". Due to this, Season 3 was never finished.

Synopsis: The show is about Poppy Puff moving into Coral Drive with her husband Roger. They then go on many adventures in Coral Drive and is similar to Desperate Housewives.


Coral Drive has received positive reviews, and was one of the highest-viewed spin-offs on SBC.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: First Look (SBC: May 8th, 2010)

Episode 2: Sharp Turns (SBC: May 10th, 2010)

Episode 3: Paranoia (SBC: May 16th, 2010)

Episode 4: Hasty Decisions (SBC: May 18th, 2010)

Episode 5: Keeping Secrets (SBC: June 27th, 2010)

Episode 6: The Unpredictability of Life (SBC: June 30th, 2010)

Episode 7: Learning to Cope (SBC: July 9th, 2010)

Episode 8: Save Your Trust for the People That Deserve it (SBC: July 11th, 2010)

Episode 9: Your Own Thoughts Could Betray You (SBC: July 14th, 2010)

Episode 10: Spiritual Assistance (SBC: July 30th, 2010)

Episode 11: Social Status (SBC: August 7th, 2010)

Episode 12: Okay, Bye (SBC: August 14th, 2010)

Episode 13: Just What We Need for Happiness (SBC: August 28th, 2010)

Episode 14: Guilty Party (SBC: September 11th, 2010)

Episode 15: Brothers Down (SBC: September 18th, 2010)

Episode 16: Can't We all Just Get Along? (SBC: September 25th, 2010)

Episode 17: All Apologies? (SBC: October 2nd, 2010)

Episode 18: Friendship Brace (SBC: October 9th, 2010)

Episode 19: Just Criminals (Part 1) (SBC: October 16th, 2010)

Episode 20: Just Criminals (Part 2) (SBC: October 16th, 2010)

Season 2Edit

Episode 21: People Are Strange (SBC: October 30th 2010)

Episode 22: The Customer is Always Right (SBC: November 6th, 2010)

Episode 23: Plans (Part 1) (SBC: November 20th, 2010)

Episode 24: Plans (Part 2) (SBC: November 27th, 2010)

Episode 25: Be Happy, It's Christmas! (SBC: December 11th, 2010)

Episode 26: Great Changes (SBC: February 6th, 2011)

Episode 27: Avoidance (SBC: February 27th, 2011)

Episode 28: The Painful Truth (SBC: March 13th, 2011)

Episode 29: The Pursuit of Happiness (SBC: April 10th, 2011)

Episode 30: Oh, Great... Morticia's Back (SBC: June 5th, 2011)

Episode 31: Discoveries (SBC: September 4th, 2011)

Episode 32: Forgiveness (SBC: September 11th, 2011)

Episode 33: Houseguests (SBC: September 25th, 2011)

Episode 34: Baby Steps (SBC: October 2nd, 2011)

Episode 35: Nobody's Perfect (SBC: October 30th, 2011)

Episode 36: Home is Where The Heart is (SBC: December 4th, 2011)

Episode 37: Separation (Canada/US: January 1st, 2012)

Episode 38: Death and Rebirth (SBC: January 8th, 2012)

Episode 39: Good Intentions (SBC: January 22nd, 2012)

Episode 40: This Could Be the Start of Something New (SBC: February 5th, 2012)

Season 3Edit

Episode 41: The Human Conditions (SBC: April 22nd, 2012)

Episode 42: Mother Knows Best (SBC: July 29th, 2012)

Episode 43: Solitude (SBC: August 12th, 2012)

Episode 44: The Admittance of Guilt (SBC: September 23rd, 2012)

Episode 45: Defeat (SBC: January 27th, 2013)

Episode 46: Left Hanging (SBC: March 17th, 2013)

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