Squarepants Family Spongebob, Mama Squarepants, Harold Squarepants, Chanel,

Maryann, Grandma, Grandpa, Blue, Sherm, BlackJack, Stanley

Star Family Patrick, Margie, Herb, Don, Sam, Maw, Billy Bob Billy, Princess Tulsa,'Prince Tulsa, Prince Callows, King Amoeba, Queen Mildew, Gary
Tentacles Family Squidward, Mama Tentacles, Papa Tentacles, Roger, Anna, Scooter, Alma,Michael, Maria, Grandma Tentacles, Grandpa Tentacles
Krabs Family Eugene H.Krabs, Pearl
Cheeks Family Sandy, Randy, Earl, Papa Cheeks
Plankton Family Sheldon J. Plankton, Karen, Grandmaw
Other Characters Mrs.Puff, Mermaidman, Barnacleboy, Larry, Don the Whale,

The Flying Dutchman, Old Man Jenkins, Squilliam

Alive characters appear in green. Dead characters appear in red and italics. Unknown characters appear in blue.

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