Captain Blackbeard Edit

Martin Spinach Bomb Gravy Pie-tongue 'Blackbeard '1st was the captain of the ship. Harold and Marcus   joined the Team along with the other unknown sailors.

Date of being a sailor: June 24 1963

Date of being Captain: November 5th 1989

Date of resign: March 3rd 2004

Date of being a president: December 31st  2004

Date of Election: April 1 2004

Date of resign: June 5 2005 (due to Boredness)

Date of Prison: July 8th 1969

Date of 2nd Prison: December 7th 1997

Date of death: Febraury 2nd 2009

Date of Birth: January 6th 1944

He appeared in Dying for Pie and Sailor Mouth to be exact.

Preceding:Old man Jenkins Succeeded:Harold
Preceding President:Nat Peterson Succeeded: Mayor Kelpo

He was evil and cruel for lying.

He was rude to his mom Michelle Smith.

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