Bikini War Edit

Bikini War happened around the 1920s.

While the War between Clean And Dirty in Bikini Bottom . there was another War going on in Rock Bottom.

Story of Rock Bottom Edit

it happened in 1924-1928. The Creepy Tiny Aliens (Tiny for Humans) came from Mars and went down to Rock Bottom . they invaded the Fish and Townfolk in Rock Bottom and lots of them died or migrated to Bikini Bottom and other places.

At 1928, the Aliens began to rule Rock Bottom and then made lots of things around the 1940s to 1990s. Then they have Fast Buses.

Clean And Dirty Story Edit

In Bikini Bottom around 1929, lots of Racists were around so they started a war from Bikini Bottom defeating another Land. It started out as a Normal War Until Pat Star , Patrick's unknown Ancestor who joins the War came to the Bathroom. He came out with Dirty hands and Teeth. Another Guy from the war who lives on a different land like the other team saw Pat's dirty hands and Teeth and Smelt it but then he became Angry and ran away. then the War began to change with Dirty and Clean.

(Red=Dirty) Bikini Bottom team.

(Blue=Clean) Another Land team.

the War ended in 1942 November 30th when Eugene and Sheldon were born.

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