Bikini Top was a spin-off created by SBC user 70s on October 9th, 2009 on, which later moved to SBC. It was once the most viewed spin-off on SBC with over 7,000 views. The spin-off revolves around the residents and their lives in the town of Bikini Top.

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Plot Edit

Synopsis: A show about the small town of Bikini Top and its privileged residents. It focuses on the teenagers, but the adults have storylines as well. Throughout the show, there is also a mystery of vampires, and what they have to do with the teenaged Bryan Errin and his family and friends.

Characters Edit

Many characters have been in the show.

Teens: Jake, Naomi, Jackie, Mikayla, Seth, Trevor, and Liam.

Adults: Helen, Veera, Heather, Sarah, Joseph, Nora, Sophie, Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick.

Vampires: Hersht, Dora, Jordin, Brenda, Kyra, and Arianna.

Other Supernatural Beings: Bryan (The Chosen/Thewot), Miranda (Werewolf), Molly (Morrigan), Kara (Morrigan), Rainn (Morrigan), Anna (Witch), and Glinda (Witch).


Three seasons have been made. 70s has put the show on hiatus when the third season just started, and later cancelled it on June 2nd, 2012 for his lack of interest in continuing it.

Season 1Edit

(1) 1. Pilot (10/14/2009)

(2) 2. Jex (10/14/2009)

(3) 3. Trapped (10/14/2009)

(4) 4. Crushed (10/14/2009)

(5) 5. Memories and Repercussions (10/14/2009)

(6) 6. Arianna and Naomi (10/18/2009)

(7) 7. Things Get Musical (10/24/2009)

(8) 8. Bad News Brenda (10/28/2009)

(9) 9. Turn of Events (10/31/2009)

(10) 10. Auditions (9/9/2009)

(11) 11. Funeral (12/19/2009)

(12) 12. Bikini Bottomites (12/20/2009)

(13) 13. Not a Winter Wonderland (1/23/2010)

(14) 14. Not A Holly Jolly Christmas, Either (2/21/2010)

(15) 15. Valentine's Day (3/1/2010)

(16) 16. Green Things: Money, and Jealousy (3/5/2010)

(17) 17. My Life Will Suck Without You (3/6/2010)

(18) 18. Life After You (3/6/2010)

(19) 19. That Kiss (3/17/2010)

(20) 20. Forever Young (3/202010)

Season 2 Edit

(21) 1. To All of You (3/24/2010)

(22) 2. Look After You (4/1/2010)

(23) 3. Hallelujah (5/6/2010)

(24) 4. I'm Just A Kid (6/25/2010)

(25) 5. Gossip Hurl (10/9/2010)

(26) 6. Fade to Black (10/16/2010)

(27) 7. Eet (10/19/2010)

(28) 8. Christmas Lights (Part 1) (11/28/2010)

(29) 9. Christmas Lights (Part 2) (12/2/2010)

(30) 10. Dream a Little Dream of Me (12/13/2010)

(31) 11. Express Yourself (12/14/2010)

(32) 12. Pray For You (12/16/2010)

(33) 13. Under My Bed (12/24/2010)

(34) 14. The Chosen (1/17/2011)

(35) 15. Big Cities, Vampirism, and Thewots (1/30/2011)

(36) 16. Sing (3/1/2011)

(37) 17. Strength (3/26/2011)

(38) 18. Something to Die For (5/15/2011)

(39) 19. Nothing Else Matters (6/4/2011)

(40) 20. Worst. Episode. Ever. (6/26/2011)

(41) 21. Sing It Out (7/8/2011)

(42) 22. Skyscraper (8/6/2011)

(43) 23. Speeding Cars (8/13/2011)

Season 3Edit

(44) 1. Heartbeats (9/7/2011)


Bikini Top has been acclaimed during it's run, being called one of the best spin-offs ever made. But, the spin-off has been getting recent negative reception and criticism.

Spin-Off Creator(s) Reviews Edit

Season One Edit

The Season 1 finale Forever Young was highly acclaimed as the best episode of the series. It featured the wedding of Temperance's mother Brenda to Tristan, but mainly focused on the birth of Jake and Jackie's daughter, and Anna's hit-and-run, and Temperance's sister Mikayla coming back into her life.

Season Two Edit

Many thought that in the beginning of the season the show had lost its luster, although that changed after the episode Fade to Black, which was well-received by many. Some thought the show stumbled a bit during Dream a Little Dream of Me, and a bit as well during Express Yourself, but made its comeback soon after, and since then has been on a stride of high-quality (besides, perhaps, Sing, which was not very well-received). The vampire storyline has divided fans of the show, some loving it, some being indifferent towards it. The storyline between Anna and Molly has been well-received by everyone who follows the show, and the Seth and Heather relationship has also received praise.

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