Bikini Bottom Junior High is a TV series based on the lives of Spongebob and friends as they go through life in Middle School. The series has only three seasons since you have three years in Middle School.

Main Characters and GD means Great Deals!Edit

SpongeBob - A yellow sea sponge that believes he can make it in Middle School, he is in GD Math and English.

Patrick - A dumb pink starfish who starts alot of food fights at lunch and gets detention all the time! He is not in GD!

Squidward - A sophisicated octopus which is very celf-centered at school, he is in GD Art, and Reading.

Mr.Krabs - A greedy crimson crab who runs and writes the School Newspaper, he is in GD Writing.

Sandy - A very smart,straight-A,teacher's pet, she is in all GD Classes.

Plankton - A very short tempered green protozoan that bullies Mr.Krabs alot, he is in GD Science.

Recurring CharactersEdit

Principal Finston - The principal of the school, he encourages students to help themselves alot and knows how to deal with troublemakers in the school.

Mrs.Greene - A strict but well meaning art teacher at the school, she despises Spongebob for his math and not art skills, as well as Patrick for his foolish behavior. She retired after season 2 ended.

Blackjack - A bully at the school, his main targets to bully in the school are Spongebob and Patrick, he is best friends with Flats The Flounder and he is in 8th Grade. As of Season 2, he is now in the 9th Grade, High School. Blackjack started 10th Grade in season 3 and it is unknown if he will appear in season 3.

Flats - Another bully at the school, he also wants to beat up Spongebob and Patrick, he is best friends with Blackjack, but he is in the 7th grade which is one grade down from Blackjack. As of Season 2, he is now in the 8th Grade. He started High School in Season 3 and it is unknown if he will appear.

Superintendent Hugo - The superintendent of all schools in Bikini Bottom, she has a secret hatred to Principal Finston. She is 55 years old.

Lunch Lady Meany - The very mean lunch lady at the school, she sometimes does not serve food to the students, but she will get in trouble with the lunch program if she does not do her job! She got fired in Season 2! And it is currently unknown if she will appear in season 3.

Vice Principal Sullivan - The new vice principal of Bikini Bottom Middle School that was introduced in Season 2. He got a bit of an obnoxious personality in season 3.

Lunch Lady Karissa - A new lunch lady that replaced Lunch Lady Meany.

Duration for seriesEdit

This TV series is on TV from September 2012 to June 2015.


Season 1 : 6th Grade (2012 - 2013)Edit

1. "The First Day" - September 3, 2012 - It is the first day of school for Spongebob and friends, they are very nervous since they are now 6th graders.

2. "The First Quiz" - September 10, 2012 - The guys are taking their first Math Quiz in Math Class, Everyone except Sandy is not ready.

3. "Missed the Bus!" - September 18, 2012 - Spongebob's snail had a major poopy accident on the floor and Spongebob missed the bus, so he must get to the school before the bus does so he won't be reported late.

4. "Detention" - September 26, 2012 - Mr.Joe, the math teacher gives Patrick Star detention for flying a paper airplane in class, he must escape detention since 7th Grade bullies are there as well.

NOTE - This episode is similar to the Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide episode when Ned,Cookie,and Moze got detention.

5. "Bullies are a virtue - October 4, 2012 - Blackjack, a bully from the 8th Grade bullies Spongebob and Patrick by dumping their lunch down their pants! Patrick starts a fight with Blackjack, this causes the principal to give both Patrick and Blackjack detention for their behavior.

6. "Skipping School" - October 12, 2012 - It is Colombus Day, so Spongebob,Patrick,Squidward,and the others don't have school, but Patrick thinks he can skip school, so he starts doing that!

7. "Music Class" - October 20, 2012 - Squidward takes an elective into Music Class, but the music teacher, Mr.St.Isaac gives Squidward an F because, he said that Squidward reeks of desperation, so he begins a protest.

8. "The Haunted Classroom" (HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - October 28, 2012 - It is Halloween in Bikini Bottom, and Principal Finston appoints Spongebob,Patrick,and Squidward to decorate the 7th Grade Science room and turn it into the haunted classroom but the ghosts are real and start terrorizing the entire school, Spongebob and friends but stop them before it is too late!

9. "Spongebob can't focus - November 5, 2012 - Spongebob has a major test coming up in Science class and has to study real hard for it or else he will fail for the remainder of the first semester, but his friends are bothering him.

10. "Squidward VS Squilliam - November 13, 2012 - Squillam challenges Squidward to a art contest in Art Class, and Squidward must practice if he wants to win. But Spongebob and Patrick are bothering him.

11. "Thanksgiving" - November 21, 2012 - Thanksgiving is coming, so Thanksgiving turkey is lunch today, so Spongebob and the others have to eat it, but the lunch lady, Lunch Lady Meany is not giving them any which causes them to go Power-Hungry.

12. "Daydreaming" - December 2, 2012 - Patrick Star and Spongebob are daydreaming in Math Class, this causes the strict math teacher to get mad, he then gives them detention and tells them over and over, DON'T DAYDREAM!!!

13. "Report Cards Part 1 : Patrick's F! - December 14, 2012 - Patrick Star receives his report card and it has all Fs on it! He must improve to at least a C+ or else he will be sent back to the 5th Grade.

14. "Report Cards Part 2 : Sandy's Gift - December 16, 2012 - Sandy Cheeks is asked to skip the rest of 6th Grade, all of 7th and 8th Grade and go straight to High School for her outstanding grades! She is excited at first but she realizes that she won't see her friends anymore and does not want to leave, so she starts flunking in class!

15. "Its A Middle School Christmas!" - December 19, 2012 - Christmas is coming to Bikini Bottom Junior High, and Spongebob,Patrick,Squidward,and the rest are excited, Spongebob wants world peace, Patrick wants 400 Krabby Patties and passes to not go to detention,Squidward wants to be a better clarinet player and wants Lunch Lady Meany to get fired, Mr.Krabs wants money,Sandy wants to go to school during the summer,and Plankton wants to become overlord of the school.

16. "A New Semester!" - January 2, 2013 - It is a new semester at Bikini Bottom Junior High after Christmas Break, Everyone has new goals to accomplish, Spongebob wants to be accepted into GD Reading, Patrick wants to improve his grades, Squidward wants revenge on Mr. St-Isaac after he gave him an F back in October, Mr.Krabs wants to make more money while running the School newspaper, Sandy wants to prove that the grade 101% exists, and Plankton wants Mr.Krabs to be expelled.

17. "The Winter Prom" - January 15, 2013 - Spongebob and the others are preparing for the school's 5th annual Winter Prom. They have to find dates or else they will be kicked out.

18. "Patrick's Secret Valentine" - February 11, 2013 - Patrick Star finds a valentine in his locker and is determined to find out who is his secret valentine. He thinks it is Sandy.

19. "February Vacation Party" - February 23, 2013 - Sandy Cheeks is hosting the biggest party of the year at her treedome during February Vacation. Spongebob however thinks he is not invited.

20. "Dodgeballs!" - March 1, 2013 - Mr.Mallory, the gym teacher announces that the class will be playing Dodgeball today, Spongebob,Patrick,and Squidward are nervous to play it.

21. "The Science Club" - March 10, 2013 - Sandy starts her own club called "The Science Club" but she doesn't have enough people not even Spongebob and Patrick, since Spongebob loves math and Patrick loves leaving school at the end of the day.

22. "Patrick's Holiday" - March 17, 2013 - It is St.Patrick's Day, and Patrick thinks the holiday is all about him!

23. "April Fools!" - April 1, 2013 - It is now April Fools day, and Spongebob and Patrick play pranks on each other, they decide to prank Blackjack, but this ends up getting them beaten up.

24. "Reduse,Reuse,and Recycle!" - April 14, 2013 - Sandy convinces the school to recycle, but they don't want to and they bully her.

25. "When Will The Rain End!" - April 30, 2013 - It has been rainy in Bikini Bottom since the start of April Vacation and Spongebob and Patrick are totally depressed.

26. "Nacho Day" - May 6, 2013 - The Cafeteria is serving Nachos for lunch today, Nachos are Patrick Star's favorite food, but he does not have enough money to pay for it, so he seeks help from a money expert named Mr.Krabs to help him with his lunch payments.

27. "Newspapers Are Boring!!! - May 22, 2013 - Mr.Krabs asks Spongebob to help him out with the school's newspaper to make a quick buck.

28. "The Last Day and the Final Exam" - June 5, 2013 - It is the last day of school and Spongebob and friends have to take a major final exam in science class or else they will be going to summer school. They all however, pass the exam and then the final bell rings and they run out the door like animals tackiling the principal and they run off into the summer.

Season 2 : 7th Grade (2013 - 2014)Edit

1. "Welcome to Grade 7!" - September 3, 2013 - Spongebob and friends return after a long summer break and are now big 7th Graders.

2. "Homeroom" - September 10, 2013 - Patrick Star gets Mrs.Fredericks, the 7th Grade Math Teacher as his new homeroom teacher, he is worried on what her personality is like since she is a math teacher.

3. "September-Fest" - September 17, 2013 - The 7th and 8th Grade is hosting a very huge party called September-Fest in the auditorium, everyone but Spongebob,Patrick, and Squidward are invited. Spongebob and the other two have to figure out how to get accepted in this party so they won't be known as the school losers.

4. "Lab-Safety Quiz - September 24, 2013 - Spongebob and Patrick are nervous to take a science quiz on 7th Grade Lab Safety and equipment. Meanwhile, Sandy is ready for the quiz.

5. "Patrick's Progress" - October 1, 2013 - Progress Reports are coming out before report cards and just like last year, Patrick grades in all of his classes are low, so Spongebob has to help him improve before he fails mid-term.

6. "To The Showers" - October 8, 2013 - Spongebob and Patrick did not use a gym shower last year. They are forced to this year so they won't have extreme sweating. If they refuse, they will get an F for the rest of the term.

7. "New Student" - October 15, 2013 - There is a new student coming to the 7th Grade where Spongebob and friends are. The new student turned out to be insanely popular and is attracting many friends. Spongebob and Patrick are not friends with the new student yet and must find a way or they will really be losers.

8. "Mine-Addiction - October 22, 2013 - Spongebob starts getting addicted to the popular game, Minecraft. And he is now not focusing on his work, will his grades drop?

9. "Hallo-Party - October 29, 2013 - It is Halloween, October 31 in Bikini Bottom, Spongebob and his friends will actually be dressing up in costumes this year for the 7th Grade Halloween Party!!! Squidward hates Halloween and is not dressed up, Spongebob decides to pretend to be a scary ghost to get Squidward in Halloween-Spirit.

10. "The Report Cards!" - November 5, 2013 - Term 1 has ended and Spongebob and friends have finally got their report cards! Here are the results!

Spongebob : B+ A+ C+ A- B+ B- A+ A+

Patrick : F F D F F D C+ C+

Squidward : A+ C- C- C+ B- D C- A+

Mr.Krabs : C+ C- C- C+ C+ B- F A-

Sandy : A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+

Plankton : A- A- B- B+ A- B- A+ A+

11. "Plant Cells a la mode!" - November 12, 2013 - Spongebob and friends are taking a quiz in science class about Plant Cells, Photosynthesis, Taxonomy, and DNA. Here are the results.

Spongebob : 78 C+. COMMENTS : Spongebob : Eh, A C+ is alright. Patrick : As uh Usual, F!

Patrick : 59 F

Squidward : 83 B-

Mr.Krabs : 76 C+

Sandy : 100 A+

Plankton : 100 A+

12. "A Detention for Spongebob!" - November 19, 2013 - In Writing Class, Spongebob is trying to write a 300 word Essay about the history of Graffiti. But all of a sudden, Spongebob ripped one out loud (farted) in front of everybody. The kids laughed at him. The Writing teacher, Mr.Murphy however, was not amused. Murphy gave Spongebob an after-school detention and will make up his essay there!

COMMENTS : Spongebob : I can't believe I have a detention! All I did was fart!

Patrick : You'll get used to it, I got it 45 times plus 23 suspensions!

Mr.Murphy : NO TALKING!

13. "Thankful for Thanksgiving Lunch" - November 26, 2013 - Lunch Lady Meany, the mean lunch lady which did not serve the students thanksgiving lunch last year got fired after burning hamburgers on purpose so students will not eat them. Now this year the students get to eat a proper Thanksgiving Lunch this year! They are having Turkey with mashed potatoes, Seasoned Green Beans, Squash, Corn, etc.

14. "The New Lunch Lady" - December 3, 2013 - The new lunch lady of BBMS, Lunch Lady Karissa is finally hired and she is much more nicer than Lunch Lady Meany was. Meanwhile, Spongebob and the 7th Grade Math Teacher, Mrs.Frederick's stay after school to tutor Patrick Star in math as he currently has a 36 F!

15. "Mid-Term Is Coming! - December 10, 2013 - 7th graders as well as other students from other grades will be getting their progress reports on the weekend, after December 13th. Patrick Star is a bit nervous as he is doing a bit worse this year than he did last year. Sandy however, can't wait to see her A's!!!

16. "Wintry-Field Trip! - December 17, 2013 - Spongebob and the other 7th Grade students and teachers take a field trip to The Museum of Wintry Science which is actually a very fun place! However, Patrick Star and a misbehaving 14 year old male teenager that was held back named Shakiro didn't sign their permission slips and can not go.

17. "Spongy-Santa (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL) - December 24, 2013 - Santa Claus crashed his sleigh on the Sea Needle in Downtown during a major blizzard and asks Spongebob to deliver presents to all the 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders of BBMS to their houses while he finds his reindeer. Meanwhile, Lunch Lady Meany which got fired seeks her revenge by making Christmas a living-hell for the BBMS students.

18. "2014 Goals" - January 2, 2014 - Christmas Vacation is over and the students return to School for the 2014 part of the school year. Just like last year they have new goals they hope to accomplish! Spongebob wants to get better in Dodgeball since he stinks at it! Patrick hopes to at least get C's in his classes because, he has all D'S and F'S! Squidward wants to be accepted into GD Music, Mr.Krabs wants everyone to pay 45 dollars for his newspapers, Sandy wants to now prove that 102% exists! And Plankton wants to dunk Mr.Krabs's head into the grease in the lunch room.

19. "Lockdown" - January 15, 2014 - A lockdown drill is issued at BBMS, the teachers and students know its just practice but Patrick thinks the lockdown is real and starts having a mental breakdown. When the lockdown was finally over, Ms.Fredericks, the math teacher, sent Patrick to the psychologist for mental issues.

20. "Term 2 Report Cards" - January 27, 2014 - The report cards have come once again for BBMS. Here are the results!

Spongebob : B-, A+, A-, A+, A+, B+, C+, A+

Patrick : F, F, F, F, D, F, F, F

Squidward : A-, B-, C-, A+, C+, A+, A+, A+

Mr.Krabs : C-, B+, D, B+, A-, F, F, B+

Sandy : A+, A+, A+, A+, A+, A+, A+, A+

Plankton : A-, A-, A-, A-, A-, A-, A-, A-

Squilliam : A+, B+, B-, C+, C+, F, F, A+


Squilliam : What?! I got two Fs!

Squidward : Whenk; Whenk; Whenk!

Squilliam : Shut Up Squidward!

Mr.Munson (SCIENCE TEACHER) : Please Knock It Off you two!

21. "Reading Projects" - February 4, 2014 - In Ms.Garett's Seventh Grade Reading Class; Spongebob and the others have to do a reading project about their favorite book. Spongebob did his project on Vaudville : The Musical, Patrick didn't do a project and wants an F. Squidward did his project on Clarinet History, Mr.Krabs did his project on Money History, Sandy did her project on the Geography of Texas, and Plankton did his project on RULING THE WORLD!!!!

22. "Valentine's Fraud" - February 15, 2014 : Valentines Day has come once again for BBMS; Spongebob is excited, he wants a valentine, however Blackjack, who is now a freshman (9th Grader) at Bikini Bottom High School, is sending out fake valentines to all the other Middle School and High School students. Spongebob is enraged!

23. "Patrick's Birthday!" - February 26, 2014 : It is finally Patrick Star's birthday!!! He is now (28 years old). long story. The school said he can have the day off. He has three goals to do accomplish. He wants a ice cream birthday cake, 488 presents, and to own Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! what?

24. "Life Science Field Trip" - March 7, 2014 : Mr.Munson, the seventh grade science teacher took Spongebob, Patrick, and the other seventh graders downtown to the Bikini Bottom Museum of Life Science. Some fun activities they are going to do are using gargantuan microscopes to look at cells even closer! Also, they will be mixing chemicals and if it bubbles up, they have to run! And another one is dropping eels on manacans and electrocuting them. etc. etc. etc.

25. "School Bus" - March 16, 2014 : Spongebob's bus driver, Andy is down in the dumps after his girlfriend Susan dumped him at the altar where they could've gotten married. Meanwhile, when Andy has some motivation and is driving the bus to BBMS fast, Patrick Star keeps missing the bus when he gets to another bus stop! He eventually got to the school with his seventh grade writing teacher, Mr.Rosenfield using his two seater bike.

26. "Newspaper Caper" - March 25, 2014 : Plankton found out that Mr.Krabs is slacking on his job of making the school's newspapers. Plankton is going to report this to Principal Finston, Spongebob and Mr.Krabs must stop him before he gets to the principal's office.

27. "Pranking The Principal" - April 1, 2014 : It is once again April Fools Day and Spongebob and Patrick are back in their pranking mood! Last year, they pranked BlackJack and got beaten up, this year they forgot about that and this time are going to prank the principal himself!!! The principal was indeed not amused and he gave them both detention making them clean up food off the walls after the sixth graders had a food fight.

28. "Balloon Popping!" - April 10, 2014 : It is the seventh grade's 4th annual balloon popping day! What this is, is a fun game made by Mr.Munson, Ms.Frederick's, and also Mr.Doug, the old 7th grade writing teacher who returned this year as the new music teacher after he got bored of retirement. Anyway, the balloon game is to pop many balloons as you can. The three contestants are Spongebob, Sandy, and Mr.Munson. Mr.Munson remains undefeated at this game! Ms.Frederick's and Ms.Garett will take pictures of the event, Principal Finston will time the event and set it up, and Mr.Rosenfield will host the event.

29. "April Vacation" - April 22, 2014 : It is finally the start of April Vacation! Bikini Bottom Middle School vice principal, David Sullivan has had the Bikini Bottom Public School Committee set up fun activities for the vacation. A trip to the IMAX memorial movie theatre in Los Angeles, California to see the new movie, Rio 2 for Saturday, April 19, 2014. The second activity is a day out at the amusing Six Flags carnival in Ukelele Bottom for Wednesday, April 23, 2014. The third activity is a tour of the Rina Bottom Recreational Baseball field where baseball games are played! For, Thursday, April 24, 2014 And finally a trip on a boat from Bikini Bottom to Bikini Utopia and also going around the harbor for Friday, April 25, 2014. Each activity will have vans pick the students up at their homes around 7:45 AM, on these four days and the students will go back home around 1:15 PM. SIGN UP BEFORE APRIL 17!

30. "9th Grade Course Selection Process Exam - May 1, 2014 :

NOTE - this episode actually takes place with the eighth graders and will be the only episode Spongebob won't be in. Just outta let ya know. Thank you

- It is getting close to the end of the year, The Eighth Graders will soon be leaving Middle School and transitioning to the High School. The ninth grade teachers of the high school whom of which are Mr.Fuller, the math teacher, Mr.MacDonald, the history teacher, Ms.Hidington, the science teacher, and Mrs.Ruxby, the English teacher want the eighth graders at the middle school to take a course selection process exam to test the students's knowledge of what they will learn as freshman's in High School. The eighth grader's current teachers for now again whom of which are Mrs.Cranston, the English teacher, Ms.Mary, the math teacher, Ms.O-Connor's, the science teacher, and Mrs.Iris, the reading teacher accepted and had the entire 8th grade take the exam. There is a total of 69 students in the grade that took the exam. 62 of them aced the exam and are ready for High School! 7 of them failed one of which was MERMAIDMAN! And are not ready for high School but will still be going there anyway.

31. "Art in Math" - May 13, 2014 - The 7th grade students have finished session 1 and session 2 of the B.B.A.S (Bikini Bottom Assessment System) test. Mrs.Frederick's, the math teacher even if you know already, has decided to give the 7th graders a break and do something fun. She wants them to draw pictures of fictional cartoon characters to hang up around the room. This is what they did,

SPONGEBOB did a Bart Simpson drawing and got a 94, A+.

PATRICK did the Minecraft zombie but got a 27 F because, he is a terrible drawer!

SQUIDWARD did an Angry Scooby Doo drawing, because he used to watch it everyday as a kid and he got a 80, B-.

MR.KRABS did a Money man drawing from his favorite cartoon, Money Men ;) winky face! He got a 90. A- on it.

SANDY did a cartoony scientist and got a 100, A+.

And finally PLANKTON did a Crocker drawing from The Fairly Odd Parents and got a 75, C+.

- Many other students did pictures the next two days and got really good grades.

32. Junior High Labor - May 24, 2014 : Principal Finston said to Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and the other 7th Graders that they will be in high school in two years and they need to do jobs. Spongebob already has a frycooking job, Patrick got his Job to sell tickets at Glove Universe, Squidward got a job as Mr.Doug's sous-musician for the talent show and upcoming dances. Mr.Krabs already has a job as the owner of the Krusty Krab and manufacturing the school's newspapers, Sandy has become the new C.E.O of the school's science club/council. And finally Plankton, got a job as the Prop master and he has no clue how to do it.

33. Boat field trip - June 2, 2014 : Spongebob and Patrick are very excited that they are going on a field trip. Squidward not so much because, he forgot to give the teacher the permission slip. This trip is to travel on Captain Melodius's Voyager, a little boat to travel around the harbor and to do many types of activities!

34. Final Exams - June 11, 2014 : 7th Grade has to take final exams as the school year is wrapping up to review all stuff they learned in english language arts, science, writing, math, art, and health. Spongebob is nervous to take this exam because, it effects you to go to summer school and spend summer in a classroom or you can enjoy the summer on a beach. His results and the others are permitted not to be seen in public.

35. Last Day of School!!! - June 16, 2014 : It is the last day of 7th grade for Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and the others. They have great plans for the summer and want to use them well before entering 8th Grade. Patrick Star once again failed a school year and will be stuck in Summer School! Bell rings at 2:35 PM and everybody runs out the school and celebrates the start of Summer Vacation!

Season 3 : 8th Grade (2014 - 2015) Edit

- This show has been renewed for a third season when Spongebob and Friends experience their last year of Junior High before entering High School.

1. First Day of 8th Grade!! - September 4, 2014 : It is the 1st day of 8th Grade for Spongebob and friends as they are now the leaders of the building. Here is their homeroom teachers below.

SPONGEBOB - Mr.Delaney (science teacher)

PATRICK - Mr.Delaney (science teacher)

SQUIDWARD - Ms.Mary (math teacher)

MR.KRABS - Ms.MacAlmack (reading strategies teacher)

SANDY - Mrs.Iris (literature I teacher.)

SQUILLIAM - Ms.MacAlmack (reading strategies teacher)

PLANKTON - Mr.Delaney (science teacher).

2. 8th Grade Privleges! - September 11, 2014 : Squilliam Fancyson, Patrick Star, and Plankton start bullying the 7th and 6th Graders with a new law they came up with, Grade 8 Privleges! What Grade 8 Privleges is, is that Squilliam, Patrick, and Plankton can bother one of the younger students and do what they were doing such as if a 7th grade boy is going to do his business in the bathroom, Squilliam, Patrick, and Plankton can come out of nowhere and say 8th Grader Privleges! And then they can go and do their business. Well anyway, the sixth and seventh graders are against this and want to report this to Vice Principal Sullivan. TO BE CONTINUED.

3. Suspended - September 18, 2014 : Sullivan has heard about what Squilliam, Patrick, and Plankton are doing to the younger students so he gives them all out of school suspensions for an entire week and when they return, they will apologize to the younger students, abandon their privleges, and get back to learning.

4. Algebra I : The Bane of Squidward's existence! - September 25, 2014 : Squidward hates his Algebra I : Linear Emphasis class since Ms.Mary is always giving him low scores on homework and he just doesn't understand the concept of the subject. Meanwhile, Spongebob is also having a hard time but with SPANISH. Señorita Wesley, his spanish instructor seems gibberish to him.

5. The Mermaidman Club : October 2, 2014 : Spongebob and the 8th Grade Student Council President, Sandy Cheeks decide to make a club based on Mermaidman since he will be visiting the new 7th Graders for an activity. Spongebob and Sandy want to impress him.

6. Ebola Zombies on Squid's birthday : October 9, 2014 : it is a very dense and creepy misty day in Bikini Bottom. Spongebob and friends are in science class doing a Bunsen burner lab but all of a sudden peanut butter drips from the ceiling and it turns out that it is a prank made by Squidward and a student known as Shakiro Bezampson. Spongebob becomes paranoid from a little prank and then he found out on the internet during tech class that there is a viral hoax of Africans rising from the dead after dying from the Ebola virus. Spongebob snickers and dresses up as a very realistic looking zombie and tortures the living hell out of Squidward. When Squid found out that it was Spongebob pranking him thanks to a tattletale Patrick Star, Squid chases Spongebob out the door with a taser he got since it was his b-day on that day as well.

( NOTE : rated PG-13 and is not a halloween special)

7. Pantsed : October 16, 2014 : There has been a war between the 7th Graders and 8th Graders by who can pull the most pants down from students (not including teachers since they don't want detention).

List of Grade 7 and 8 students pantsed

David Boyle : Age 12 (7th Grade) : Got pantsed at his locker by Shakiro Bezampson. His jeans were also stolen by him.

Shakiro Bezampson : Age 14 (8th Grade) : Did not want to surrender to some 7th Graders so he pantsed himself and ran away making squeals.

Patrick Star : (8th Grade) : he got ganged up on by the five tallest 7th Graders, got tackled, and pantsed.

Squidward Tentacles (8th Grade) : Squid really picked a bad day to wear his cooking economics cackies as they got him pantsed by Squilliam which declared Squilliam betraying the group since the same grade can not pants each other.

Squilliam Fancyson (8th Grade) : Instead of wearing the fancy robes, Squilliam put on 25 pairs of pants so he can not get pantsed by a 7th Grader but this did not work and he ran through the halls butt naked after getting pantsed 25 times by David before David got pantsed himself.

Peter Colliare (7th Grade) : The kid who pantsed half of the 8th Grade got pantsed by Mr.Krabs in the boys bathroom while Peter was going to take a quick poop.

- Spongebob wants to avoid the 7th Graders since he does not want to get pantsed, could he survive, find out.

8. Yearbook Club : October 23, 2014 : Ms.Lombardo, the new 7th Grade Math teacher, is encouraging the eighth grade students to join the yearbook club with her and the 8th Grade teachers after school in the Art room. Lombardo said that this is their big chance to create a lasting memory of their days in Bikini Bottom Middle School. They will be in High School very soon. Spongebob, Squidward, Sandy, and Patrick Star decide to join the yearbook club, Spongebob wants to be the photographer by photographing their 8th Grade moments as the school year progresses. Squidward wants to make an art section with his terrible self portraits on there, well; lets see how that will work out! Anyway, Sandy wants to do the remember when's where she will interview students by the end of the school year to see if they can think of a memory between 6th Grade, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade. And finally, Patrick wants to achieve the honor of him and Spongebob getting the best friends spot in the yearbook.

9. Halloween dress-up day returns!! : October 31, 2014 : Since Ms.Frederick's retired, Mr.Rosenfield became another gym teacher, and Mr.Munson getting bigger jobs as the third gym teacher at BBMS and a stem director at Bikini bottom High School, the new 7th Grade teachers abandoned the tradition of a Halloween party on Halloween day. However, the 8th Grade teachers have adopted the tradition and now it goes like this.




- Now here are the current eighth grade teachers that will be dressing up in their costumes this year.

mrs.iris : Grade 8 English I teacher - she will dress up as her favorite literature poet.

ms.mary : Grade 8 Algebra teacher - she will dress up as a bulbous spider lady.

mr.delaney : Grade 8 Science teacher - he will dress up as the ghost of physical science.

ms.macAlmack : Grade 8 Reading Strategies teacher - she will dress up as a zombie.

señora Wesley : Grade 8 Spanish teacher - she will dress up in actual, non rip off, spanish clothes.

- Now the main 8th graders halloween costumes


PATRICK ~ A mummy (note : he picked this costume the past three years!!!!)

SQUIDWARD ~ The phantom of the opera

MR.KRABS ~ A money superhero

SANDY ~ A mad scientist

PLANKTON ~ Frankenstein

SQUILLIAM ~ The chicken Man!

- This activity day will take place during the entire school day on Friday, October 31, 2014. The 8th Grade teachers will find and recruit a ghost story teller as well as producing halloween activities for classes, and finally a costume contest.


- funniest, scariest, most original, best of the best, most creative, most BBMS spirited, best teacher costume, most basic.

10. Advice for the 2015-2016 6th Graders ~ November 6, 2014 : Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and Squilliam are the five 8th Graders chosen by Principal Finston to make a video in the auditorium that Finston will show the upcoming 6th Graders next year as advice for Middle School. They will be in high school during this. They agree but then later start arguing of whose part they got for the advice video in front of Finston. Mr.Finston said cut it out before they all get detention. They later finally settle and make their video for the new future students of BBMS.

11. The Algebra Test ~ November 7, 2014 : The 8th Graders will be taking the Chapter 2 Algebra I test today about how to solve multi-step equations and principles of thought. Since Spongebob is her favorite pupil, Ms.Mary decided to give Spongebob the first 15 minutes to study out in the hall. Spongebob is looking forward to ace the test but he can't do testing well in cramped spaces since his linear algebra class is huge! Ms.Mary will be forced to deduct 15 points off the test if he asks to test in another room. Here is the reason why he can't take tests in cramped spaces.

FLASHBACK FROM 7th Grade. : On a rainy April morning, Spongebob was getting ready to take a parts of speech exam in Mr.Rosenfield's Grade 7 Writing class. As Sponge was doing the test, Squidward decided to be a prick by using his super sharp pencil and poking Spongebob in the butt. Squid did it and Spongebob ran out of the writing class broken in tears. Mr.Rosenfield gave Squidward a lunch detention for his absurd benavior as punishment but Spongebob will forever be scarred by that sexual experience.

What should Spongebob do since Squidward is now in his algebra class in 8th Grade? Should he risk getting butt poked again or resorting to lose 15 Algebra points?

12. 8th Grade Report Cards TERM 1 ~ November 9, 2014 : Here are the results for first term report cards.

SPONGEBOB : English 1 : B-, Algebra 1 : C+, Science : A-, Reading Strategies : B-, Social Studies : B-, Engineering : B+, Gym : A-, Health : A+, Spanish : B-, Advisory : A+.

PATRICK : English 1 : F, Pre-Algebra : F, Science : F, Reading Strategies : F, Social Studies : F, Chorus : F, Academic Support : F, Health : F, Spanish : F, Advisory : F.

SQUIDWARD : english 1 : D, Algebra 1 : D, Science : D, Reading Strategies : C+, Social Studies : B-, Art : D, Band : D, Gym : A+, Spanish : F, Advisory : C-.

MR.KRABS : English 1 : C+, Algebra 1 : C-, Science : A-, Reading Strategies : B, Social Studies : B, Gym : A+, Engineering : C-, Health : A, Spanish : F, Advisory : B.

SANDY CHEEKS : English 1 : A+, Algebra 1 : A+, Science : A+, Reading Strategies : A+, Social Studies : A+, Art : A+, Health : A+, Engineering : A+, Spanish : A+, Advisory : A+ Achieved High Honors on the honor roll !!

PLANKTON : English 1 : A-, Algebra 1 : A-, Science : B, Reading Strategies : A-, Social Studies : B+, Gym : A+, Health : A-, Art : B-, Spanish : A-, Advisory : D.

SQUILLIAM : English 1 : A+, Algebra 1 : A-, Science : A, Reading Strategies : C+, Social Studies : B, Gym : A+, Art : A+, Band : A+, spanish : C-, Advisory : B.

student comments

squilliam : Fu Señora Wesley for giving me a C in Spanish! I HAVE TWO MEXICANS THAT TEACH ME BETTER THAN YOU!!!

squidward : whenk, whenk, whenk!

squilliam : Shut Up Squidward, you stud! You realize you have an F in stupid Spanish right?!!!

squidward : don't tell the readers!!!!

squilliam : too bad, muahahahahaha!!!

Señora Wesley : Muy mal? (Bad)

13. Darn, Bullies! ~ November 13, 2014 : Squilliam Fancyson has been picking on the 7th Graders by giving them Swirlies, Pantsings, wedgies, wet willies, purple nurples, cyber bulling, name calling, pushing, shoving, arguing, threats, and finally, punching. Since Squidward despises Squilliam, he and the entire 7th Grade go and see Principal Finston after school and report Squilliam's rude behavior to younger peers. Finston gives Squilliam a 10 day out of school suspension + a VHS tape Finston made last week which is a boring, 7 hour lecture about no-bullying.

14. Crud-Picka! ~ November 20, 2014 : In Science Class, Patrick and Squidward (much to Squid's dismay) were doing a lab about positive and negative chemical charges. But then, Patrick pooped his pants and got very embarassed. Good news is that the fart Patrick made was silent but the bad news is that there is a brown and green spot on Patrick's rear end. He was picking at it and then Squidward saw it and said, "PATRICK IS A CRUD-PICKA!!!!!" The entire class and even the teacher (Mr.Delaney) start laughing!! Patrick starts crying,runs to guidance, and is thinking of dropping out of Middle School for what he did in his pants even before he can get to High School. Spongebob is against this and is in a big effort to get Patrick's confidence back.

15. Thanksgiving Is Ruined for Grade 8 ~ November 27, 2014 : Superintendent Lauren Hugo, Principal Barry Finston, and Vice Principal David Sullivan have just noticed that the 8th Grade has been pretty immature these past few weeks such as the pantsing contest, Patrick Star is a crud-picka, Shakiro bullying a weird teen named Fester by Name calling him a retarded elephant, and finally, the 8th Grade privileges. As revenge for all of this rude behavior; Mr.Sullivan decided to contain the entire 8th Grade in the Library on Thanksgiving Day by not letting them have turkey and ham with family. Spongebob, Patrick, and Sandy are spared by the vice principal since they have not been all that bad so far but they need to break into the school without the superintendent, principal, and vice principal knowing and bust the rest of the 8th Grade out of the library and let them go home and have dinner with their family.

NOTE : This is a 1 hour special.

16. 3rd Annual 8th Grade Student Recreation Hour ~ December 4, 2014 : Principal Finston and the health teacher (Mrs.Tyson) elect Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr.Krabs, Plankton, and Squilliam to face against the 9th Grade in a massive game of dodgeball on Thursday, December 4th. This event will take place at the High School Gym and it is to see if these students are strong enough to be declared confident for Freshmen Year next year. Just like the 6th Grade episode {Dodgeball}, Spongebob is still afraid to play the game. If he backs out he will be placed in quite a lot of special needs classes in High School. If he plays, he will be enrolled in a maximum of 4 college prep classes. Which choice should he do?

17. Rehearse the Drama ~ December 11, 2014 : As another alternative to prepare for High School. The High School's theatre arts director (Mr.Donohue) elects the same group of 8th Graders picked for the dodgeball game which are Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr.Krabs, Plankton, and Squilliam to go and practice a play called Shrek 2 : The Musical in the High School Auditorium. If they pass, they will all get very important characters to portray as in the musical on Saturday, December 13th (1:30 PM), Sunday, December 14th (6:25 PM), and Monday, December 15th (6:30 PM). If they fail, they will do community service at Donohue's house for 1 week.


Spongebob ~ Passed (Got the role of being musical co-director.)

Patrick ~ Failed (Will be doing community service for Mr.Donohue.)

Squidward ~ Failed (Will be doing community service for Mr.Donohue.)

Mr.Krabs ~ Passed (Got the role of being King Harold.)

Plankton ~ Passed (Got the role of being Queen Lillian.) LOL! He needs to be Krabs's wife!!! Krabs did not like that choice (neither did Plankton.) But Donohue is the teacher and whatever he says goes.

Squilliam ~ Passed (Got the role of being Prince Charming.)

- AS FOR OTHER CHARACTERS OF THE MUSICAL {A Male Senior student will be Shrek, A Female Sophomore student will be Fiona, the 6th Grade science teacher from the Middle School [Ms.Avery] will be the Fairy Godmother due to her actual loud, bossy but funny voice. And finally, other high school students will be playing Donkey, Puss In Boots, and other characters.

18. Winter Dance ~ December 18, 2014 : Sandy Cheeks, who is part of the 8th Grade student council plans a christmas themed winter dance scheduled for Tuesday, December 23, 2014. Spongebob will be taking Sandy herself to the dance, Patrick will be dancing with his mom ????, Mr.Krabs will be dancing with money Also ????, and Plankton will be dancing with Karen. Squilliam Fancyson, the 8th Grade science teacher {Mr.Delaney}, and finally, Mr.Delaney's 19 year old son (Coolbob Delaney) will be the 3 DJ's. The 7th Grade science teacher {Ms.Frasier} and the health teacher {Mrs.Tyson} will be the caterers, and finally, student council members and Principal Finston will be the hosts. Squidward doesn't have a date , so he is planning to crash the party and make the Grade 8 Winter Dance a failed disaster. Spongebob must stop him but he needs to dance with Sandy, so he is in a bit of a loophole.

19. Christmas Break!! ~ December 25, 2014 : It is finally Christmas Day! Spongebob and friends will be home for winter break and are excited to see what they got for christmas. Spongebob has finally gotten a golden spatula after wishing for it for 14 years, Patrick got no detention tickets that are good until the end of January 2015. Squidward got a music booklet to develop new music strategies to get better at clarinet. Mr.Krabs got money as usual and a new credit card to buy a new word processor for his newspapers without paying, Sandy got new periodic table of elements posters, Plankton got coal, and finally, Squilliam got a new yacht after Squidward stole his old one but then crashed it.

20. Student Rebels ~ January 2, 2015 : 2015 is here but instead of setting new goals like in the previous two grades; Squidward and Mr.Krabs have had it with the algebra teacher {Ms.Mary} for not teaching them well about linear algebra. So, Squidward and Mr.Krabs were able to go up all four flights of stairs to get to the roof and talk trash about Ms.Mary so that way people passing by outside can report Ms.Mary and get her fired. This however, did not work and the two earned a month of office detention of Principal Finston. Meanwhile, Patrick Star got his hand stuck in the soda machine again while trying to get a soda without paying. Patrick must make it look like that he is just fine since Spongebob was going to be very angry with him for not taking responsibility and pride in the school.

21. Drunk PART 1 ~ January 9, 2015 : Plankton bribes to have Spongebob stay after school and go to a club he made. Spongebob accepted but this "club" turned out to be a alcoholic adventure. Plankton was going to give Spongebob some big bottles of BUD LIGHT beer but he took the bud light symbol off and replaced it with a fake ginger ale symbol Plankton poorly drawn. After drinking over 43 bottles; Spongebob gets very drunk and passes out with Plankton laughing maniacally. But this was just phase 1; Plankton was creating an evil plan to take over the school which was his secret 2015 new years resolution. But Patrick saw what Plankton did through the window. Patrick was walking by ready to go home after getting detention with Señora Wesley but peeked through the window and knew Spongebob was in evil hands (TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK).

22. Drunk PART 2 ~ January 16, 2015 : Patrick Star starts crying uncontrollably thinking that Plankton had killed Spongebob with the beer. Patrick Star runs to Squidward's Easter island head house. Always after school, Squidward draws 1st grade style paintings and comprises terrible music. Anyway, Patrick told Squid about the incident with the beer, Squidward at first is happy thinking that Spongebob is out of his life forever but then realizes that he will have no purpose in the neighborhood anymore. Although, Spongebob greatly annoys Squidward; it at least gave Squidward a purpose in his life to despise the sponge. Squidward is then on board with Patrick for rescuing Spongebob. Then the two head to the Krusty Krab and Sandy's TREEDOME. Sadly, Mr.Krabs and Sandy couldn't join Patrick and Squidward since Sandy had to go to a science expo for college placement and Mr.Krabs was being too greedy with his diamonds, gold, and moneys. However, Sandy at least gave them a secret weapon that might help Pat and Squid in their quest to save Spongebob. (TO BE CONTINUED).

23. Drunk PART 3 ~ January 23, 2015 : Before Patrick and Squidward can go to Bikini Bottom Middle School, they need to know how to use this secret weapon before slaughtering Plankton to death with it. The weapon shocked Patrick and turned him into a pile of charred starfish coal and Squidward inked all over Patrick's burned face with him screaming in pain. Squidward got scared from the weapon effect and caused him to ink. Patrick Star was however able to grow back since he stated that his limbs grow back from the SBSP episode {Patrick-Man!}. Anyway, Patrick said that this weapon can be very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. Squidward said that he knows a guy that can tweak it to target Plankton's species instead {which by the way is Protozoan}. However, a mysterious small figure is watching them ominously in the distance {TO BE CONTINUED!}.

24. Drunk PART 4 ~ January 29, 2015 : Squidward Tentacles brings Patrick to Bubble Bass's ranch house. Squidward tells Bubble Bass about what happened to Spongebob. Bubble Bass was happy to hear of Spongebob being in big trouble but Squidward happened to take a nearby katana sword Bubble bass had on his table since Bubble Bass is a huge Walking Dead nerd but anyway, Squidward held him at sword point and demanded that Bubble Bass join their quest to save Spongebob or else he gets the slit. Much to his dismay, Bubble Bass joins the two in their quest and Bass also gives Patrick, Chemical Z for the tweaking process. But they need a science lab to do it in since Bass doesn't have one. Squidward decided that him and the other two will go to Mr.Delaney's 8th Grade Science classroom and use one of his chemicals, mix it with Chemical Z and finish tweaking the weapon for PLANKTON'S demise. Squidward and Patrick leave the ranch house but Bubble Bass is smacked numerous times in the face with a baseball bat with barbed wire from PLANKTON! And then kidnapped. Squidward and Patrick are unaware of this and think that Bass is behind them just being quiet {TO BE CONTINUED!}.

25. Drunk PART 5 {The Final Battle!}~ February 5, 2015 : Squidward and Patrick finally arrive at Bikini Bottom Middle School with Chemical Z but it happens to be filled since a normal school day is in session. Squidward hides the chemical in Patrick's pants. Principal Finston then immediately noticed the two walk into the building like normal but is very angry with them since he thought they were playing hooky. Squidward and Patrick try to explain to the principal of why they were gone but he doesn't and gives them detention for 5 days. They said fine and pretended to go to class. Luckily, they were in luck, it was time for 8th Grade to go to lunch including the teachers . In that case, Squidward and Patrick snuck into the science room and told Bubble Bass to set up Chemical Z. No answer, Squidward demands the command again, still no answer. Finally, with a few f-bombs, Squidward angrily turns around and notices that Bubble Bass is not there and is confused. Squidward has had enough wrong stuff happen to him and set up Z by himself. Patrick grabbed another chemical from a table, looks like the class must've been doing a lab. Anyway, they poured the two chemicals together in a beaker. It turned pink and Squidward knew that it was a cure potion for Spongebob and anyone else kidnapped. Then they leave the school and head to the one place that Plankton could be and it's not the Chum Bucket. They arrive at the Flying Dutchman's graveyard and immediately see Spongebob, Bubble Bass, The Flying Dutchman, Principal Finston, and Mr.Delaney there all drunk and in barbed wire cages. Squidward tells Patrick to distract Plankton and make him go to snother section in the graveyard while Squidward opens the cages and feeds a little dab of potion to the sponge, ghost, bass, principal, and teacher. As Patrick started to distract Plankton, his pants fell down and he picked it back up but when he looked back down at plankton; he sees a sniper rifle on his crotch and its immediately fired into Patrick's crotch with inconsiderate pain following. Shortly after, Squidward and Plankton go into a massive battle against each other. Squidward's choice of weapons are his bad clarinet playing and his classic bathtub scream. Plankton's choice of weapons is the baseball bat with barbed wire and 1 bottle of BUD LIGHT distance beer that will taste like 100 beers and get you drunk. They fight each other instantly. Eventually, Squidward is knocked down to a crashed shipwreck and is about to get smacked numerous times with the bat but then Plankton is squashed with barb wire going into his evil eye and we see Mr.Krabs with the chemical Z potion and curing Spongebob, Bubble Bass, Principal Finston, Mr.Delaney, Flying Dutchman, and Patrick. Later at BBMS, Finston and Sullivan award Squidward and Patrick with the Medal of Honor for saving everyone's butts and gives Spongebob a week of rest from all this drama. Immediately after, Finston slaps Plankton and expels him from the school. Plankton screams NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! while being carried away in a tiny police car.

26. Spaghetti Tacos ~ February 28, 2015 : Spongebob and Patrick sign up for a new after school cooking program at BBMS. The teacher is Lunch Lady Karissa and she is suprised that Spongebob already recommended her first lesson to teach which is the famous Spaghetti Tacos from ICarly. She accepted and decided to use soft taco wrap and wrap just cheese in it. Cheese is used in Spaghetti tacos but just a little bit. Not a lot. Plus, there are no noodles making it just a soft cheese tortilla wrap. Spongebob must show Karissa how to correctly cook spaghetti tacos before she is critized by other teachers of not even including spaghetti. Meanwhile, Patrick impresses the other students with his suprisingly amazing cooking skills.

27. Bikini Bottom Assessment System PART 1 : The Preparations ~ March 13, 2015 : It is now March and according to the principal, all main classes from Grade 3 in the Elementary School to Grade 10 in the High School have to prepare for the town's assessment called The Bikini Bottom Assessment System or (BBAS test) for short that depends on the student's permanent record. Spongebob and Sandy go into overdrive in preparing for this important test while Patrick and Squidward are too lazy to prepare, Mr.Krabs loves money more than tests which is why he is the writer for the school newspapers since it earns him money, and Squilliam is too busy succeeding in the music and art classes while Squidward is failing those classes. Spongebob has to negotiate with his stubborn friends to make them prepare or they are screwed on their permanent records.

28. Bikini Bottom Assessment System PART 2 : Test Day ~ March 26, 2015 : After almost two weeks to prepare, it is now test day for Grade 8 since Grades 6 and 7 already finished the test. Spongebob is mostly ready but a little nervous, Patrick is not ready and wants a zero, Squidward is too nervous to focus, Mr.Krabs is too distracted with his money to focus, Sandy is 100% ready and 0% nervous since she is such a showoff, and Squilliam is around the same feeling Spongebob has. After three-four hours of testing, the entire grade finishes and these are the results for our main characters confirmed from the test people. Out of 450 points

SPONGEBOB ~ 361/450 points ; percentage : 80% ; scored in the Proficient Category

PATRICK ~ 24/450 points ; percentage : 5% ; scored in the Failure Category

SQUIDWARD ~ 297/450 points ; percentage : 66% ; scored in the Below Average Category

MR.KRABS ~ 200/450 points ; percentage : 44% ; scored in the Failure Category

SANDY ~ 450/450 points ; percentage : 100% ; scored in the Advanced Category ~ once again, such a showoff!

SQUILLIAM ~ 424/450 points ; percentage : 94% ; scored in the Advanced Category

29. Fresh-Whipped ~ April 9, 2015 ~ Due to achieving perfect 100's on five science tests in a row, Mr.Delaney allowed Spongebob to take a joy ride in his fresh-whip (2014 Ford Mustang). Spongebob is nervous though since he still does not have his boating license, so he decides to ride shotgun while letting Patrick drive. Patrick is dumb but a suprisingly good driver and also a suprisingly good cook from before. There are no car crashes but Patrick decides to ditch school by saying, "PATRICK STAR, YOU ARE TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!" Spongebob doesn't want to play hooky and attempts to change his mind before he and Patrick possibly get suspended by the principal.

30. Course Selection Forms ~ April 21, 2015 ~ Now that Spongebob and his friends have roughly 2 more months left of Middle School, it is time to take the course selection forms for Freshman Year at Bikini Bottom High School. The forms will allow the students to pick three classes of their own to take during Freshman Year and the selection will increase ever so slightly for each year of High School. Last year's 8th Graders as you may know did their course selection as an exam but this year, it is simplified to just filling out a few forms instead. Spongebob has chosen the selections of ; HONORS ALGEBRA 1, COLLEGE PREP ENGLISH, AND GD SCIENCE, Patrick chosen ; REMEDIAL ENGLISH, REMEDIAL ALGEBRA, AND BASIC SCIENCE, Squidward chosen ; HONORS ART, HONORS MUSIC, AND COLLEGE PREP ENGLISH, Mr.Krabs chosen, COLLEGE PREP SCIENCE, BASIC ALGEBRA, AND REMEDIAL SCIENCE, Sandy chosen, COLLEGE PREP ENGLISH, COLLEGE PREP SCIENCE, AND COLLEGE PREP ALGEBRA, and finally Squilliam chosen, COLLEGE PREP ART, COLLEGE PREP MUSIC, AND COLLEGE PREP THEATRE ARTS.

31. Squidward And The Cheater ~ May 5, 2015 ~ The Chapter 6 Algebra Test is still two weeks away but Squidward wants a perfect score since he failed the previous five tests due to thinking the teacher is not teaching him well enough. Squidward then has an idea, he stole a small speaking chip from Squilliam and attached it to Sandy Cheeks while she was not looking so he can get free info on Algebraic answers from her since she studies Algebra every night due to being such a math and science geek. Squidward however is nervous someone will catch him cheating, so he has to be very quiet and swift for the cheating to begin. Meanwhile, Spongebob is home sick due to catching a virus and is being nursed by Patrick. Patrick however does not know what he is doing much to Spongebob's dismay.

32. Remember Who? ~ May 19, 2015 ~ Sandy Cheeks goes around the entire eighth grade wing asking Spongebob,Patrick,Squidward,Mr.Krabs,Squilliam,and the other 8th graders what their remember whens are to remember a memory from middle school so it can be put into the yearbook. Spongebob remembers when he was able to finally attend September-Fest back in Grade 7, Patrick remembers when he pooped his pants in science class and everyone made fun of him upon Squidward's command, Squidward remembers when he "beat" Squilliam in a 6th grade art contest and won, although Squilliam actually won, Mr.Krabs remembers when he tripled the prices for his newspapers and got over 115 dollars by selling the papers, and Squilliam remembers when he beat Squidward in dodgeball last week.

33. Stepping Up ~ May 31, 2015 ~ Today is step-up day or move-up day for Spongebob and all the entire eighth graders. They are taking a trip down to the Bikini Bottom High School to visit the 9th Grade Teachers and how the Freshmen classes up there are run and see the similarities and differences regarding the transition from Middle School to High School as well as seeing which teachers are soft and which teachers are strict. After the step-up day is done, they like the history teacher, Mr.MacDonald and the algebra teacher, Mr.Fuller. However, they don't like the science teacher, Ms.Hidington and the English teacher, Mrs.Ruxby.

34. Time Of Your Life ~ June 14, 2015 ~ Spongebob and friends will be going to Glove Universe as one of their End of Year Field Trips. The main time will be from 8:25 AM to 4:30 PM. Homeroom classes are assigned colors to be better identified. Mrs.Iris's homeroom is Team Red, Ms.Mary's homeroom is Team Blue, Mr.Delaney's homeroom is Team Yellow, and Ms.MacAlmack's homeroom is Team Pink. Whoever gets the most fun of their soon to be High School Lives gets a recognition award and free coupons to the Krusty Krab. The results are required to not be seen in public.

35. End Of An Era ~ June 25, 2015 (SERIES FINALE!) ~ It is the last day of the 2014-2015 school year for Grades 6, 7, and 8. But it is the last day of Middle School for Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr.Krabs, Sandy, Squilliam, and all the other 8th Graders. Some 8th Graders such as Patrick, Squidward, Squilliam, and Shakiro are glad that their torment (what they refer to Middle School as) is finally going to be over while other 8th Graders such as Spongebob,Mr.Krabs,and Sandy are upset since Spongebob is scared and not ready for High School, Mr.Krabs will be printing the last newspaper today and this school job will be concluded for him, and Sandy will no longer be able to brag about her awesome grades. The final bell rings and the 8th Graders receive the yearbooks and run out fast tackling the principal just like the last day of 6th Grade and a compliation of some of the best moments in Grades 6, 7, and 8 are shown for about 25 minutes and this show officially concludes but luckily gets a spinoff called Bikini Bottom High Adventures(TV SERIES) scheduled to air in September 2015.