Abyss was a spin-off created by SBC user Tvguy347 on August 17th, 2012. The spin-off focuses on seven stunt extremists who illegally enter the Rock Bottom Trench, which was closed off by the government for unknown reasons several years earlier.

Plot Edit

Seth Forrester is an extremist who will go or do just about anything, along with his best friend, Jack Douglas. Along with them, they drag their five other friends to join them on their adventures: Amy Cheever, Clovis Rock, Jane Morris, Craig Dunne, and Jade Lencioni. While heading to the Oceanic city of Seattle, Seth takes a detour and heads to the famed city of Rock Bottom. Depsite being an economic powerhouse for the Oceanic government, Rock Bottom was suddenly abandoned and disappeared off all radar abruptly. Trade in and out of the city halted, and the entire Rock Bottom trench shut down, but nobody knew why. Heading down, the seven are in for a journey they may not survive because some secrets are best kept at the bottom of a trench.


Abyss consists only of a first season, which was abruptly cancelled after two episodes.

Season One Edit

(1) 1. Abyss (8/17/2012)

(2) 2. In God We Trust (9/3/2012)

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