37 is a spin-off created by SBC user tvguy347 on August 28th, 2010. It revolves around a murdered boy brought back alive from the Underworld in the year 2492.


In the topic, tvguy gives the show's plot.

"Kenny McNeal died in 1998. How? He doesn't know. When he is fetched from the Underworld by Wendy and Luke, he realizes that he was in fact murdered. Brought back up from hell, he sees the world as it is in 2492. He is made a human again-temporarily, with Underworld side-affects and ghostly powers. Kenny must overcome his fears, steal highly confidential files, and much more. Along the way, he is accompanied by Luke and Wendy who take the form of Ghosts. Kenny is also the only person who sees Underworld monsters who are sent by the Underworld king to bring Kenny back. This new spin off takes the ocean by storm!"


Tvguy had planned a season of 16 episodes to air before the show's premiere. So far, only 8 out of the 16 episodes have aired. As of 2016, it is unknown if the series will be continued.

Season One Edit

(1) 1. Death (8/28/2010)

(2) 2. Underworld or Bust (8/31/2010)

(3) 3. Good Fish Go Bad (9/1/2010)

(4) 4. Mato Man (9/4/2010)

(5) 5. Additions (9/8/2010)

(6) 6. File or No File? (9/12/2010)

(7) 7. Portal? (9/16/2010)

(8) 8. Blue Jets (9/22/2010)

Trivia Edit

Throughout the show, tvguy gives out trivia from the show.

(S1 E3) Good Fish Go Bad: Agent Mato makes his first appearance on the show. Wendy and Luke save Kenny's life for the first time in this episode.

(S1 E4) Mato Man: Kenny displays his feelings for Wendy for the first time in this episode. Fabio makes his first appearance on the show. Mato escapes from the gang for the second time in the show.

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