First Storm Formed : N/A

Last Storm Dissipated : Season Not Started Yet

Strongest Storm : N/A

Total Storm Count : N/A

Hurricanes :

Tropical Storms :

Major Hurricanes :

Total Damages :

Deaths :

The 2015 Bikini Bottom Hurricane Season is a future event in tropical cyclone meteorology and weather. The season will officially start on June 1, 2015 and will end on November 30, 2015. However, any storm system can form between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015 if the forecasts are correct and conditions are perfect.

Seasonal Forecasts Edit

December 20, 2014 : TOTAL : 15-16, HURRICANES : 7-8, MAJOR : 2-3

February 9, 2015 : TOTAL : 14, HURRICANES : 8, MAJOR : 3

March 21, 2015 : TOTAL : 16, HURRICANES : 9, MAJOR : 4

Storm Names Edit

This following list of names is the names that will be used during the 2015 Bikini Bottom Hurricane Season, these set of names were previously used in the 2009 Bikini Bottom Hurricane Season except for Andrew, Johnny, and Vivian which replaced Alda, Joetta, and Viola. These set of names will be used again in the 2021 Bikini Bottom Hurricane Season unless a few names are retired in 2016. Once a name is retired, it will never be used again. Names will be officially retired on January 6, 2016 at Session XXVV.

Andrew ~ unused Hadrian ~ unused Omid ~ unused

Betty ~ unused Isabel ~ unused Patricia ~ unused

Christen ~ unused Johnny ~ unused Ron ~ unused

David ~ unused Kelly ~ unused Sadie ~ unused

Edward ~ unused Louis ~ unused Tasha ~ unused

Farley ~ unused Mary ~ unused Vivian ~ unused

Gail ~ unused Neil ~ unused Walter ~ unused


Storms Edit

This will have more features seen once storms start forming, for now, you see just this sentence.

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